Our Story

Maltdaq and MLDQ.store are founded by Chris and Gwenan Dee. Both are veterans of the Wines and Spirits industry with more then 50 years senior experience between them. Chris was CEO of IWSC Spirits Supermarket of the Year, Booths Supermarkets and recently Director of Food & Home at Harrods. Gwenan was founder publisher of Decanter.com. They are supported by Tobias Gorn, an award winning spirits and cigar writer and authentication consultant, as well as a small team of trained whisky verifiers.

Maltdaq was created to help create a trusted marketplace for collectible whisky where pricing is fair and completely in the control of its members. By verifying every bottle and ensuring members are genuine, Maltdaq creates trust on both sides of the transaction. 

How it works

MLDQ Store is a shop which gives quick and easy access to the maltdaq.com whisky trading platform. 

The whiskies offered on MLDQ Store are all offered for sale by members of Maltdaq and are all verified by our in-house experts before being sold on the store. There will be a slightly longer delivery time as we only collect the whisky from the member selling at the point that an order is received - this usually adds a couple of days to deliveries (see Delivery)

The whiskies are re-packed in air-sacs and are transported to your door by our carrier.

The prices are live and will change frequently but are a reflection of the market prices available on Maltdaq at any point in time. The price you see is the price you will pay if you order now - it will not change.

Maltdaq is a live Bid/Ask marketplace which is free to join for members of the public who want to sell their whiskies legally and with minimum fuss.